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Individual & Family
Health Insurance

Family and individual health insurance are types of insurance coverage that provide financial protection against medical expenses for multiple people or an individual respectively. Both are regulated by Obamacare.

Choose The Best.

Individual and family plans for you and your family.


Health Insurance

Each state has its own set of insurance plans through the health insurance marketplace. It could be confusing to try to sort through all the different plans available. There are many things you should consider when selecting a plan on the Market place.

1. Do you qualify for state Medicaid

2. Do you qualify for government-subsidized premiums? If so, how much?

3. Make sure you choose a plan that covers your local hospitals, doctors, and medication you may take.

For more information speak to one of our licensed health insurance specialists.

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Private Insurance

Private insurance options may be something to consider if you don't qualify for government subsidies and want little to no deductible or save on monthly premiums. Each state has different options, so it is important to study all the different options that are available. Our licensed specialists are standing by ready to assist you with your research and steer you towards the right direction in shaa Allah.

Short Term

Short Term Coverage

Short-term health insurance plans are a good option for people who are transitioning between jobs and may have a temporary gap in coverage. These plans are particularly useful for individuals who have recently been laid off or are leaving an employer and will soon start a new job with employer-provided insurance.

Shayma Alhalabi - VA

“Ikhlas insurance group is awesome! Very responsive, great customer service, and helped my parents save a significant amount of money on their insurance. I highly recommend this group for your insurance needs!"
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