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Sharia Compliant Life Insurance Illinois

At Ikhlas Insurance Group our goal is to serve the Muslim Community the best way we can. It is very important to us that the plans we offer are Sharia compliant.

Sharia Compliant Life Insurance Plans

We only provide Halal options for our clients. 

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Sharia Comliance

Sharia Compliance Life Insurance

How can Life Insurance be Sharia Compliant? #AskJoeBradford

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Joe Bradford Bio

Joe Bradford offers custom financial coaching programs for individuals and families, personal and corporate advisory services, coursesbooks, and articles to help my clients succeed in aligning their values with their finances.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Illinois

In our effort towards providing halal options for our clients, we have partnered with Shaykh Joe Bradford so that he can review the companies we are contracted with as well as the insurance policies that they offer. Shaykh Joe also has a very informative video (shown above) about the permissibility of Life Insurance, considering the general perception most Muslims have towards it.

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