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Dental, Vision & Hearing Insurance Plans Illinois

Combine dental, vision, and hearing insurance plan Illinois benefits into one easily organized insurance plan.

Choose The Best.

Get the best plan for your dental, vision or hearing needs, we will help you find it.


Dental Insurance Plans illinois

There are many different forms of dental plan coverages available. It is important to understand how the network for each plan works to ensure you keep your costs lower.

  • Preventative Plans

  • Discount Plans

  • Individual Plans

  • Family Plans

Each plan has their own set of benefits and costs vary.

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Vision Insurance Plans In Illinois

You can have vision coverage independently or in some cases as an added option to a dental plan. Usually most people opt to have it as an added option for whatever dental plan they have. However, not all dental plans give you the ability to add vision coverage. This coverage is meant for optometry not ophthalmology.


Hearing Insurance Plans Illinois

We do not offer a stand-alone hearing plan. The insurance companies we are contracted with offer hearing coverage bundled with both dental and vision.

There are some Medicare Advantage plans that offer a level of hearing coverage. But Original Medicare usually does not.

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Sammy Hamim

“I attest to the knowledge and great customer service of Ikhlas Insurance Group... They give you an honest opinion/advice on who to go with based on your needs!"
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